So excited to start my journal.☺️📓

Such a sucker for pretty packaging✨

Defy the heat☀️🌵

Blurry ootd courtesy of my mother.

Milk shots and cookies.. The usual. 😏 #gavins1st

5J airbus about to land.✈️ #fromafar

Pat wantsss! (why does this look like a photo collage..)

Baby succulents beneath mommy succulents.😌💚 #sukulent haha

Dreamy white everything✨

You make my heart ache, in good and bad ways. (good mostly)😌 #mushy

You make my heart ache

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Just a wee bit.🍫

Sun bathing with this fella☀️

Mini trips to Family Mart. #thehappylist

Sleepy eyes in staring contests + soft white shirt hmmm.. Miss you